Like most photographic artists, my roots can be traced back to the darkroom, where my interest in photography began to develop as a young man growing up in Houston, Texas. Works by Jerry Uelsmann and Ansel Adams piqued my curiosity because of their amazing interpretation and application of light onto film.

I received my formal education in Photographic training from Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara California, where my principal area of study was Corporate, Industrial, and Color Technology.

After Brooks, I entered the professional world of photography in Boulder, Colorado amidst the innovative transition from analog to digital technology.  Working in the aeropace industry, I photographed components of the Hubble telescope and provided marketing images of satellite development and avionic products to promote the company's commercial footprint and enhance client interest.  Little did anyone know that aerospace technology was meeting a revolutionary new frontier where these advances would soon be integrated ubiquitously throughout digital imaging. The change from film to digital had arrived...just think no more messy darkroom! 

Welcome to the future, where I have transitioned my photographic talents to  Digital Artist with an arsenal of incredible tools at my disposal. With digital pen and tablet acting as my brush and pallet, my passion is now capturing and transforming the wonders of Sea and Earth into visual art!

Welcome to my website, and please enjoy my digital work as much as I've enjoyed creating them.

Custom-sizing is available, other than what is offered, so please inquire!